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For those Cattle Raisers that don't wish to grow cattle for U Lazy 2  and want just some help with their own operation, U Lazy 2  offers some top notch Consulting.  With our understanding of the problems in the beef 

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business, we can help the producer cut costs, and increase market options.  In most cases, we can help without much change in your overall operations.  If we don't know something, we'll be the first to both tell you and find out who does.  

Our employees continue their education, all employees are required to go to seminars and updates from industry leaders on a regular basis, if there is new information out there we usually know it.  We also know whether the information is tested in the real world or just theory.  U Lazy 2  takes a hands on approach in education.  From the Cow/Calf to the actual Carcass Characteristics, we actively look for answers to problems that effect us.Lisa Cutting Meat 706.JPG (786196 bytes) We collect dizzying amounts of data from year to year on lots of qualities.  We can use our knowledge base to help you do better with your livestock in creating a better beef product.

In this changing market, cattle production costs are critical to watch.  We can help you with software as well as setting up economic, environmental and market plans.  We work with you to customize new technologies to your methods of operation in whatever ways we can.  U Lazy 2  is doing these very things ourselves, don't waste time learning what we know, we don't all have time to make the same mistakes.

VisualEID EarCuttout.jpg (118449 bytes) We track every animal so that you will know which ones are making you money and which ones don't.  We track environmental conditions and try to help you plan for the next time mother nature wants to throw you off the planet.  We also help you maximize your returns in not only your cattle, but your land by looking at things from a little different view as well as some everyone needs to look at.  Beef production is food production, we attempt to make the whole picture come together for you.  Our results speak for themselves.  

It should be noted that in the very near future we believe that there will be two basic markets, one for "brand-like" and another for everything else.  These "brand-like" types of cattle are already in the system with alliances and other methods of controlling supplies of quality beef.  The sad thing we see that that some of the people raising cattle are not looking to the future and may get "steamrolled" by the changing market coming like a train straight at them.  It is our recommendation that everyone get involved in their States Beef Quality Assurance Program and stay on top of the changing market.  So that their cattle continue to meet or exceed the requirements placed on them through the government and the market.  In Texas this program is under full swing and should not be ignored.  For more information follow this link to the Texas Beef Quality Assurance Program.



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