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Licensed Operations


Contract Growers

       The  U Lazy 2 system allows the cattle producer to have lots of options.  First, we cut costs by providing services you can't get anywhere else.  Second, we help the producer get as much for his product as the market will bear.  Risk is a big factor in the market and whether you like it or not, this risk factor is built into the market price.  The U Lazy 2 system of management maximizes profit potential by minimizing risk and cost on each individual. 

Licensed Operators have complete access to our U Lazy 2 system.  They also have the ability to create their own contract growers under this system to maximize their investment potential.  Few if anyone can buy all the land needed to operate a set of cattle that will truly have economies of scale built in.  Only the very big ranches have the capital it takes to purchase land to raise hundreds or thousands of cattle.  The U Lazy 2 system of Licensed Operators and Contract Growers does just this.  The Licensed Operation has the ability to manage as many cattle as they deem they have ability to manage.  So, the Licensed Operation does not have to have more land to expand its abilities to manage cattle.  Not only does this give the ability to manage more cattle, it means that all the cattle are managed to the same methods and procedures, therefore the Licensed Operation knows what it is getting.  Few cattle producers anywhere can attest to the fact they know what type of cattle they are purchasing, or in some case even are raising.  The Licensed Operator steps partially into the shoes of U Lazy 2 and takes advantage of our marketing, tracking, and consulting to have the highest chance of making a profit. 

U Lazy 2 also promotes the Licensed Operation in the area they are located.  Contract Growers are selected either by the Licensed Operation or by recommendations from U Lazy 2.  If one Licensed Operation can not take on a Contact Grower we can usually find another in the area to link that Grower with.  Again, it has to be a good deal for both parties, we are not in the business of consumable customers.  Long term relationships give us the most consistent products and well as the most profit for both.

If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Operation please don't hesitate to contact us.  Our information is on the home page. or Go to our Feed Back Page


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